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Pros: Leather, Manmade sole, Suede Leather And Mesh Upper, Cushion footbed is removable, Cement construction. These Wolverine boots feature a suede and mesh construction. 6" lace-up shaftfort mesh lining. Padded collar offers added support and comfort. Round steel toe profile.
Cons: Some customers have complained of the Toe area wearing quickly allowing water to leak into the boot. Also, may not be good for snow and ice due to the traction being slippery in these conditions.

Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194  Best Work bootsThis is one of the most recent unveiling from the Wolverine team and they have really come up with a magnificent work boot. The Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work boot has merged both the design aspect as well as the function of the boot in perfect harmony and the results of this are very nice. It is said to be one of the best work boots out there in the market and I do not disagree with that notion at all. It is very simple and bold at the same time. The Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work boot has very many features that add to its functionality. Let me start by explaining what you see when you look at the work boot.

The Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work boot has a suede leather upper which is meshed. The leather upper comes in a variety of colors such as black or brown. These two colors happen to be the most popular ones that most work boot users prefer. The mesh upper also serves a purpose; it acts as a waterproofing system and preventing your feet from getting wet. If there is one thing manual laborers dislike is having wet feet. It works very well and you will not notice any water getting into the shoe.

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Providing comfort is usually one of the top priorities of most work boot manufacturers and the Wolverine team has certainly seen that this sector has not been neglected. The Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work boot has a removable comfort cushion foot bed which reduces the rigidity of the base of the work boot. It allows your feet to sink into the shoe and so it makes it very flexible and comfortable to walk in. To add onto the function of comfort ability, they have also installed a nylon shank. This has made the Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work boot that much more flexible when you walk in them.

The boot also has a man made Fulton lug rubber cup sole which is very original and typical of the Wolverine team. The sole is slip resistant to surfaces like oily, watery or muddy ones and so it offers much needed traction or grip to the ground. You will be able to avoid those falls and slips which, in most manual jobs out there such as construction work, can be dangerous or even fatal. The Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work boot has a springy midsole to make you have the extra hop to your step. It therefore allows you to move much quicker on the field and you will not feel like you are carrying around a weight on your feet.

They also put a padded collar to make it more comfortable by reducing the friction between the boot and your feet. Like most Wolverine work boots in the market today, the Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work boot has the round steel toe profile option to protect your toes from hard knocks or abrasions during your work.

This is truly a remarkable boot because I could not find anything wrong with it. The durability might be questionable depending on the type of job you do with it, but apart from that it lives up to its Wolverine name. It is also not that expensive and goes for around $ 85 on average. So go ahead and get it.

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